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 EntryNo: 42
 Date: Saturday
03.07.2010 ( Luiz Bergamo
Netscape Navigator or other Ecuador
Place: Sao Paulo
My order has just arrived and I am very well impressed not only by the quality of the products but also by the care that was taken in their packing. Celextel services surely provide high quality costumer support, excellent prices and the best spiritual items available.
 EntryNo: 41
 Date: Monday
08.03.2010 ( Murthy Chilukamarri
Netscape Navigator or other Iraq
Place: Hyderabad
I ordered Nalayira divya prabhandam CD's. They arrived very quickly and very neat packing.

Thnaks for your Excellent service

 EntryNo: 40
 Date: Friday
10.07.2009 ( Brent satoris
Opera Brazil
Place: PA
Best place to shop. Thank you, buy from here. Im a happy customer
 EntryNo: 39
 Date: Monday
01.06.2009 ( Ganesh Shankar
Netscape Navigator or other Brazil
Place: Farmington Hills
I received the items today in a well-packed polymer container box. The packing was impressive. All the CDs and the rudraksha beads (6 faces Indonesian 108+1 beads) are excellent and genuine. When the requested CD was not available, Mr.Lakshmanan had sent me messages and followed-up with me what he should do in the alternate scenario. Mr. Lakshmanan is providing services to the Hindu religion/ faith followers at cost of the items, as if he is serving the bhaktas of God. The website is excellent and well maintained. I would recommend to every Hindu NRI to visit the website for their needs.
 EntryNo: 38
 Date: Friday
29.05.2009 ( Venkata Nageswara Rao
Internet Explorer Brazil
Place: Bellevue
First of all i thank to store owner for sending my order in time with a good product items.

I note this as trusted store and expects to purchase more further.

Quality products always attracts new customers.

Thanks once again.
--Venkata Nageswara Rao

 EntryNo: 37
 Date: Sunday
01.02.2009 ( Murthy Chilukamarri
Safari Iraq
Place: Hyderabad
Great service. Very Quick, Safe and Neat Packing.


 EntryNo: 36
 Date: Wednesday
16.07.2008 ( Venkat
Netscape Navigator or other Brazil
Place: TX

Ordered about 60 CD titles on July 5. Celextel shipped it on 7th and I received on 16th!! UPS tracking was provided. The CD's were packed with extreme care. About 5/6 CD's were bubble wrapped together; Such wraps were packed in a plastic box with thermocole inserts; and 4 of these boxes were packed inside the carton with thermocole inserts again. The carton was high strength variety. This is easily the best package I ever received. It took me an hour to get the CD's out ;) Thank you very much Mr. Lakshmanan.

Price wise, celextel beat US online stores even after including UPS shipping charges.

 EntryNo: 35
 Date: Friday
26.10.2007 ( Minakshi
Internet Explorer United Kingdom
Place: United Kingdom
Your service is absolutely excellent and I just enjoy shopping here at Celextel. Keep up the fantastic work!!
 EntryNo: 34
 Date: Friday
03.08.2007 ( Parimala
Netscape Navigator or other Brazil
Place: Illinois
I recently placed an order with Celextel and their service was far beyond my expectations. The item was shipped the same day and the packaging was excellent. Their customer service is exceptional (I called to check some details and was glad that I got very polite answers). I will recommend Celextel to anyone wanting to purchase items of spiritual interest.
 EntryNo: 33
 Date: Friday
13.07.2007 ( claudiu
Internet Explorer Romania
Place: home
thanks for my package... its very good, and was been in time , 21 days.thank you again
 EntryNo: 32
 Date: Sunday
18.02.2007 ( Mari V.
Netscape Navigator or other Finland
Place: Jkl
Thank you so much! I received the items I ordered in only 2 weeks and in perfect condition. I'm very happy with my purchase and the excellent service by your store!

I look forward to doing business with you again!

 EntryNo: 31
 Date: Tuesday
06.02.2007 ( Stef
Internet Explorer not listed
Place: Reunion Island
Good afternoon, the DVD's of dance has arrived perfectly. I am extremely happy. I hope to do more business with you in the futur.
 EntryNo: 30
 Date: Friday
10.11.2006 ( Maurice SPITZ
Safari France
Place: Nantes

CD's and DVD has arrived, perfectly packed, quickly arrived!! I am extremely happy with them, and with your wonderful service


 EntryNo: 29
 Date: Sunday
23.07.2006 ( Padmanabha (das)
Netscape Navigator or other Germany
Place: Passau
Salagramas have arrived, perfectly packed, quickly arrived!! I am extremely happy with them, and with your wonderful servcie, I don´t wish to purchase
anymore anything anywhere else!!

 EntryNo: 28
 Date: Saturday
01.04.2006 ( Mini
Netscape Navigator or other Brazil
Place: Sherborn
Thank you very much for the fantastic service!

I received the package you had sent on Monday, March 27th. It was a pleasure to receive a well packaged item which your
staff have taken every care with the minutest detail- like putting the DVDs in a plastic container or wrapping in a current newspaper that tells me when it was shipped!

Having just gone through an ordeal of trying to get Bharatanatyam DVDs from another store in Madras it was a relief to not go through the usual troubles associated with receiving a package.

I will definitely be ordering from your store again and recommending Celextel to my friends

 EntryNo: 27
 Date: Thursday
02.03.2006 ( Tomo
Internet Explorer North Korea
Place: Kanagawa
I am very lucky to stumble across such a wonderful online store. I have never seen Indian online stores selling products in oliginal prices. Your sincere responces give much more value for money.
Thank you and kind regards.

 EntryNo: 26
 Date: Monday
13.02.2006 ( Himadri Ganguli
Internet Explorer Iraq
Place: Calcutta
Your site is the first site i saw which holds gayatri mantras of the sapta - matrika's in the CD - " Sarva Gayatri and Mrityuanjaya mantra".

However the stotras and kavaach of these sapta - matrika or asta matrika are also available (brhahmi, maaheshwari, kaumari, varahi, indrani, narasinghi, chamunda, mahalaxmi, aparajita, vaishnavi) in sanskrit.

We request you to get these things in CD format. This will help us preserve the old documents, because they are really rare.


 EntryNo: 25
 Date: Sunday
12.02.2006 ( Chander Krishnamoorthy
Netscape Navigator or other Iraq
Place: Mumbai
I was pleasantly surprised to receive my order through courier within a couple of days of ordering. Frankly, I had some apprehensions about your site initially when I found your site through an internet search. The packaging was fit for Indian delivery in every way!! I have rarely seen such good packaging by any other internet seller. The billing and communications from your side was prompt and accurate. My Good Wishes to you and your team!! Carry on the good work.
 EntryNo: 24
 Date: Sunday
12.02.2006 ( Lily Eskandari
Netscape Navigator or other Dominica
Place: Toronto
This is just a short note to let you know that I have never had such a fantastic exprince ordering on line that i have had with you. You should be proud of your company for you un-comparable products, honesty, fast delivery and all together truly spiritual treatment of your customers. Please know that from now on I will only buy from you and will recommend you to everyone I know!!! May you always be prospers in your bussiness!!! Thank you soooooo very much for your service your Yantras are the most beautiful. I will be in touch.
 EntryNo: 23
 Date: Sunday
12.02.2006 ( Fred Porta
Netscape Navigator or other Brazil
Place: San Francisco
The package of cd's I ordered from you arrived today. Thank you very much for your excellent and prompt service. I was especially impressed by the great care that was put into the packing of the cd's. Everything arrived perfectly intact with no damage at all. This was the first time I had ordered cd's all the way from India. While Indian music cd's are fairly easy to find in this country, cd's of Sanskrit chanting are not. Before trying you site, I tried to buy cd's from two other places in India, but couldn't get their websites to take my order. Your website, on the other hand, worked perfectly. I will highly rcommend your store to all who may be interested. And I will look forward to using it again myself.