Useful Hints at Celextel Spiritual Store

Useful Information To Place an Online Order:

Create an Account by Entering your Address and other details by Clicking Here.

Go through our Products by Clicking Categories in Left Column. Click Product Name to see its Description. Click "Add to Cart" for items required.

Click "Checkout" after adding all the items required. It would be "Delivery Information" Page. Shipping Rates for all available Shipping Options are shown at this Page. Select a suitable Shipping Option and then Click "Continue". Next is "Payment Information" Page.

Select an appropriate Payment Option and then Click "Continue". It would be "Confirmation" Page where Address, Selected Items, Total Amount and other Order Details are shown. Verify these details. Click "Edit" at the appropriate place if there is a need to change something.

Clicking "Confirm Order" would take to Payment Gateway Page where Credit Card and other details have to be entered. Go through subsequent steps and then come back to our Online Spiritual Store through the Link provided at Payment Gateway Page after successful Completion of Payment.

You would automatically get emails from our Online Store [Order Details] and also from Payment Gateway [Payment Details] after this process.

It is adviceable to do Shopping (Adding Items to Shopping Cart) at our Store after doing Log-In to avoid selected items disappearing from Shopping Cart. Items selected get stored into our Database when Shopping is done after Log-in.

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