Nitya Klinna Yantra - 320 mm

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Product Name Product Name: Nitya Klinna Yantra - 320 mm Nitya Klinna Yantra - 320 mm
Manufacturer Manufacturer: A-Others-1
Product Code Product Code: CXLYTP0950
Product Weight Weight: 2000 Gms. [Approx.]
Product Price [in INR] Price [INR]: Rs.13,000
Product Price [in USD] Price [USD]: $206.35
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Nityaklinna [Worshipped on the Third Day of the Lunar Cycle] means Wet Nitya and she bestows enjoyment of desires, a feeling of love and unity in the family and physical beauty. ** The word Nitya means perennial or occurring every day. Each of the fifteen Lunar Days or Phases of the Moon has its own special vibration and radiates energy. In Tantra, they are recognized as Divine Energies and are known as Nityas [since they occur every day] or Nitya Kala Devis. Each Nitya is a part of the Kala-chakra or Wheel of Time, which is constantly revolving just as the Moon revolves. Sri Chakra (Sri Yantra) is within this Wheel of Time and the 15 Nityas are like rays emanating from the Lalita Parameshwari who resides in the Sri Chakra. Lalita Parameshwari represents Pure Consciousness and the 15 Nitya Devis represent various aspects of the Consciousness. Each Nitya Devi has her own Yantra, Mantra and Energy [shakti]. Meditating on the Yantra of the Nitya Devi on a particular day helps one to connect with that special energy for getting the benefits that Devi is known to bestow.
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