Panchakshara Yantra - 240 mm

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Product Name Product Name: Panchakshara Yantra - 240 mm Panchakshara Yantra - 240 mm
Manufacturer Manufacturer: A-Others-1
Product Code Product Code: CXLYTP0304
Product Weight Weight: 900 Gms. [Approx.]
Product Price [in INR] Price [INR]: Rs.8,100
Product Price [in USD] Price [USD]: $137.29
Product Description Product Description
The most powerful Shiva Yantra that bestows the worshipper with all round Success. This also helps the Sadhaka to attain Salvation. This Yantra is a combination of symbols, numeric letters and mantras [in Tamil]. 'Na-mah Shi-va-ya' is known as Panchakshara which means Holy Five Syllables. Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya!
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