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Agate Mala - White
Agate Mala [Milky White] ** Strung in a thread with knots in between ** 108+1 Beads ** Bead Size: 8 mm [approx.] ** Mala Length: 42 cm [approx.] ** "Agate is a microcrystalline variety of silica, chiefly chalcedony, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may ...
Product Code: CXLGMP0804
Date Added: 23-Apr-2006
Product Weight: 80 Gms.
Viewed Count: 15547
Quantity Sold: 215
Quantity Listed: 2
Price [INR]: Rs.500
Price [USD]: $6.49
Reviewed by Sherry Osborne
On 19-May-2010:
I am incredibly happy with this purchase. It looks nice in the photo but it's even more beautiful in person. I love the length and the beads are always delightfully cool to the touch, even while they're worn. Wonderful product! 
Jade Mala - Yellow
Strung in a thread with knots in between ** 108+1 Beads ** Bead Size: 8 mm [approx.] ** Mala Length: 42 cm [approx.] ** "Jade is an ornamental stone. The term jade is applied to two different metamorphic rocks that are made up of different silicate minerals: Nephrite consists of a microcrystaline ...
Product Code: CXLGMP0826
Date Added: 22-Apr-2012
Product Weight: 80 Gms.
Viewed Count: 6920
Quantity Sold: 93
Quantity Listed: 100
Price [INR]: Rs.1,300
Price [USD]: $16.88
Reviewed by Justin Joseph
On 05-Apr-2013:
As always, Celextel provides top quality merchandise. This yellow jade mala is of top-notch quality - exactly as described. 
Mantra Bracelet - Om Namah Shivaya [50 Pack]
One Pack of 50 Nos. These Bracelets are made of Brass, Copper and White Metal.
Product Code: CXLOIP001
Date Added: 30-Sep-2005
Product Weight: 1800 Gms.
Viewed Count: 21788
Quantity Sold: 1439
Quantity Listed: 99
Price [INR]: Rs.9,500
Price [USD]: $123.38
Reviewed by Iuliana Delcuescu
On 27-Mar-2015:
Reviewed by Nancy Christofferson
On 22-Jul-2008:
Nice bracelet! it's a real bargain! I can't wait to wear it & feel the vibrations of the mantra. 
Reviewed by Jessica Smith
On 08-Sep-2006:
I really like this bracelet. It affirms my faith in Lord Shiva and makes a bold statement. Excellent! 
Rudraksha Bead - 5 Faces
This Rudraksha Bead is strung in a Red thread and its size is about 15 to 18 mm. This Rudraksha Bead is from Nepal. All of our Rudraksha Beads are Brown in Colour. The Faces of all our Rudraksha Beads are 100% Natural [Genuine]. We neither alter the Faces of any Rudrakshas nor sell any altered Faces ...
Product Code: CXLRUP005
Date Added: 30-Sep-2005
Product Weight: 5 Gms.
Viewed Count: 20622
Quantity Sold: 16811
Quantity Listed: 845
Price [INR]: Rs.30
Price [USD]: $0.39
Reviewed by Prasanth Thampi
On 15-Sep-2006:
Five mughi Rudraksh is an invisible power comes from Lord Shiva and the Lord Himself lives in it. The care which Mr. Lakshmanan, Celextel\'s store owner is giving to each customer and each thing is praisable. I wish him to live long with Lord Shiva\'s Grace and power. The way he handles these things are great and safer method. 
Reviewed by Justin Joseph
On 24-Jan-2006:
These rudraksha beads are exactly as they are described: Premium Quality!! These beads are of a very good quality and full of energy. 
Tiger Eye Mala
Tiger's Eye Mala ** Strung in a thread with knots in between ** 108+1 Beads ** Bead Size: 8 mm [approx.] ** Mala Length: 42 cm [approx.] ** "Tiger's eye (also Tigers eye, Tiger eye) is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock that is yellow- to red-brown, with a silky luster. A member ...
Product Code: CXLGMP0873
Date Added: 30-Sep-2005
Product Weight: 80 Gms.
Viewed Count: 20110
Quantity Sold: 265
Quantity Listed: 100
Price [INR]: Rs.1,300
Price [USD]: $16.88
On 15-Oct-2006:
Celextel is well known for its spiritual products and I am a buyer since 2003. The tiger Eye Mala is an auspicious mala used for Dhanada Laxmi Sadhana. This Mala is used for Vaibhava Laxmi Sadhana as well. Performing Dhanada Laxmi Mantra chanting (Japa) with this mala invokes the grace of Laxmi. It is very effective for people suffering from poverty and monetory losses. The mala should be first sanctified with Panch Gavya (Milk, Cowdung, Cow urine, Curd & Ghee), Ganga water and sandal paste then the Laxmi or Dhanada Mantram should be chanted on the mala. 
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