Sri Chakra - 115 mm

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Product Name Product Name: Sri Chakra - 115 mm Sri Chakra - 115 mm
Manufacturer Manufacturer: A-Others-1
Product Code Product Code: CXLYTP0452
Product Weight Weight: 175 Gms. [Approx.]
Product Price [in INR] Price [INR]: Rs.1,500
Product Price [in USD] Price [USD]: $23.81
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Sri Chakra represents all Divinities. This is the most celebrated and potent Yantra in the Tantra Shastra. This is the King of Chakras for it contains and sustains all other Chakras in the same way as the Divine Mother. The Abiding Deity in the Sri Chakra is the Source and Sustenance of all the Gods and Goddesses. This Yantra is worshipped for all purposes. This is the most Powerful Yantra for attaining success in all actions. Sri Chakra is also known as Sri Yantra. Sri Yantra is most auspicious and result giving Yantra. This Yantra is the source of attaining all worldly desires and also living above all wants. It bestows popularity with public. Giver of Wealth and Prosperity. ** There are nine chakras in the Sri Chakra. These nine Chakras have each a distinct form and a distinct name. Proceeding from the outermost to the inner, let us describe the Chakras. The outermost is a square Chaturasra of three lines, the lines one inside the other, opening out in the middle of each side as four portals. This is known as the Bhupura, the earth-stretch. This is the ground-plane if Sri Chakra is considered as graded elevations, Meru. Through the portals in the Bhupura one enters the precincts. Immediately inside the square are three concentric circles which serve as three girdles trivalaya. The space between the sides of the square and the circumference of the outermost circle, between Bhupura and Trivalya, is known as Trailokya Mohana Chakra, the Enchanter of the Triple World. Inside the 3 girdles are: 1. Sarvasa Paripuraka Chakra - 16 Petals - Fulfiller of all Desires; 2. Sarva Sanksobhana Chakra - 8 Petals - Agitator of all; 3. Sarva Saubhagyadayaka Chakra - 14 Triangles [Chaturdasa Kona] - Giver of all Auspiciousness; 4. Sarvartha Sadhaka Chakra - 10 Triangles [Outer Dasara] - Accomplisher of all Purposes; 5. Sarva Raksakara Chakra - 10 Triangles [Inner Dasara] - Giver of all Protection; 6. Sarva Rogahara Chakra - 8 Triangles [Ashta Kona] - Remover of all Diseases; 7. Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra - Inverted Primary Triangle - Giver of all accomplishments and 8. Sarvanandamaya Chakra - Bindu - Full of all Bliss.
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